Him or Her? 🤔

As my mind wanders thinking about who you will be, I can’t help but day dream. If there will be a Stephan the 3rd, a cute little guy who dresses like his daddy and another body to eventually have mama waiting to be able to leave the house. Will he be a sweetheart like his daddy? Will he be a little goofy kid or a sarcastic one like mommy? Sports or Music? I’ll let you be all books if you want to. 🙂 

I think of how my nephew stole my heart. How he calls me and asks “Chu doin Arituh?” I think about my baby brother who has my wit and smarts. How he always has a rebuttal and point to prove. 

My husband was brought up by a father who loves sincerely. I look forward to see him love his son that way. My mother’s heart turns to mush over her boys, as they cause her to stand on her toes and get tough skin all at once. 

My little girl… as much as it gets me excited, it makes me nervous. But even if it’s Aria, I still see her being like daddy. A love like his will help her to know her worth. A beauty like her’s will make daddy melt away. Can his heart handle loving 2 Ladies? 😆 I think of my niece, and how she will lay with Steph our entire visit and not even think about me. I think about her cute little outfits and how Steph flipped out over her little suede boots. Lol. Aria, you have to be a little song bird. It’s in the name! Today I was wondering if you were just chilling all day, I started to sing and felt that busy feeling in my tummy. Does that mean what I hope? 

So many possibilities! My mom says I think too much, but how can I help it!? Only a few more weeks until we know if it’s Stephan III or Aria! 

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