Misery Loves Company

You’ve heard it said that misery loves company. Misery – a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind or body 
Misery will be accompanied by your thoughts. Misery will have the company of your well being, your peace. Misery loves the company of your dreams and visions. 

Do you remain in what causes your mind and body discomfort and distress? Why? Have you noticed that in your misery, you have less vision and fervor? That’s because that misery has your vision and fervor over to play. Misery said you can’t have company. 
Don’t ask why this misery? Ask what is the cause. Your own choices or actions? 
I’ve felt misery – in my body and my mind. I have felt the distress and discomfort, but I have pushed my body’s warning to myself. Why? All I can ask is why. 
But I have decided to no longer let my good company be stolen from me. I have decided that my well being is not worth losing over rituals and things I try to force myself to understand. That’s not living. That’s bondage. Misery loves company. 

Will you let misery have your vision and fervor? 

I won’t. 

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