I’ve Made my Heart a Home

During worship at home a few nights ago I was inviting God in my home and in my heart.

“Draw to me Jesus, I’ve made my heart a home”

from Bethel Music’s “Home”

While praying that I heard the Holy Spirit tell me the following :

How would your treat your body if you knew I was living inside of it?

Your body is a temple.
What you put inside of it is vital.
My presence does not dwell in mess, in impurities, in sin.
My presence will point out the impurities. My presence will hint at what is causing the impurities. If you make your heart a home – you will do what is necessary to make your house guest comfortable. You will make the necessary changes in order to be a great hostess. I show you the impurities you move to make sure they no longer hinder your closeness to my presence. You do more for a guest you never want to leave your home. You want to make it permanent residence.
Why come and visit me when I can LIVE with you? Don’t you want me with you?
Diligently seek how you can become closer to me, but don’t come and visit, let me come and stay.

Let me do the cleansing. Let me tidy up my new home, we don’t want any unnecessary baggage. Nothing from the previous owner, but a fresh start for your heart.

I have read the scripture I Corinthians 6:19-20 plenty of times, but it never hit like this.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

I have explained in previous blogs that some scripture always seemed like obligation or punishment, but that is not the case. I grew up thinking of it as God telling me I couldn’t have a drink or get a tattoo because I am temple. Change your mindset! If you desire to have God with you at all times you have to honor your temple because He dwells with you.

He began to show things to me that I know I shouldn’t be allowing into my body, like certain habits of eating whatever I want. It was also made clear to me that a lot that I see on television blemishes my temple. We watch so many things with lower standards than we hold in our lives and think they don’t harm us at all but they do.

With wanting to make my heart a home for my father God I have to do things a certain way to make the atmosphere most inviting. In the old testament there were countless things they had to do to enter the presence of God, but we are blessed with the opportunity to have Him with  us always! This is privilege, not obligation. Let’s do what is necessary to make our hearts a home and our bodies a temple for Jesus!

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