Psalm 18 : My ROCK

I have heard the phrase ” God, my Rock” time and time again. I understood it meant solid foundation, when rock is in the foundation it won’t shift or be easily shaken. Knowing this I never related it to my own life. I never thought of how God is MY rock or MY shield. It’s easy to do this when we only see God one way. When we only see Him as loving and comforting and providing like a father, it is difficult to see Him fighting for us like a warrior.

God shows himself to us in ways we will understand. “To the faithful you show yourself faithful; to those with integrity you show integrity. To the pure you show yourself pure, but to the wicked you show yourself hostile. You rescue the humble, but you humiliate the proud.” Psalm 18: 25-27

Those who are faithful know how it feels to be faithful so you expect that very same thing from your father, right? Because that is where you got the spirit from. What I want to focus in on though is the fact that he shows himself faithful, he shows himself pure, but he also shows himself hostile. And in this I see him as a FATHER. My father loves his children and has to know how to speak and love his children individually because we are all unique. But when it comes to those from the outside attempting to harm his children, there is a hostility shown towards the threat that us as children have never experienced from our father. That is what is going on in the verse.

I then put my own personal experience into the phrase ” God, my ROCK”. I have seen my God as the one who fights for US. And not just fighting to have a debt erased or fighting for us for healing but fighting for us in the face of actual danger. In the entire book of Psalms, time and time again David wrote on how God saved him from his enemies. Not just enemies who didn’t like him because he had nice possessions, or because they didn’t like his personality… Actual VIOLENT enemies. And GOD delivered him from armies who pursued to kill him.

“In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.” Psalm 18:29

That is some strength right? To crush an army? To scale a wall? That is what God can do. David defeated armies because of the strength and strategy God gave him. He didn’t boast of his men or his weapons but on God’s strength.

He is the same God today! The God who will demolish the enemies who threaten his children. We have no fear, but confidence in this! God is our strength, our shield, our protection. He can change any circumstance in the face of danger if we BELIEVE in HIM and not in our own methods of escape. I urge you to think of the God who fights for us in the face of danger. Do not fear, but CRY OUT to God who can protect and deliver you. I have learned to depend on God in this way, and I am still learning. In these times we all should.

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