Presenting “Breathless Soul”

I’m not sure if anyone else has felt it before, but I have been in a place where I was moving further and further away from God. I was too busy to spend the time, too busy to give Him my attention. Though the entire time I knew God was there, and that I needed Him, I kept moving away. It felt as though my spirituality was being strangled to the point of death, while my flesh was breathing in all the escaped air.

That is where Breathless Soul came from. I was in a place spiritually that wasn’t very spiritual, but suffocating. I knew I was wrong, but I kept in my wrong ways because another part of me was being satisfied.

The amazing thing is God is still there. Jesus is still pouring out his love, even while I am questioning my own existence. When I am seeing more of the Arika that doesn’t glorify the Savior, the payment of His blood still covers me. Even though I was feeling this way, He drew me back to Him. He always reminds me why I need Him. He does that for all of us. No matter how far away we become, if we allow Him, there is always the road back to Him.

Jesus makes difficult times beautiful. He makes rough times into to songs and poems that can reach other people who need the encouragement and advice. That’s the God I serve.

Please take the time to listen to “Breathless Soul” and listen to the lyrics. I hope that it is something you who have felt this way I described can relate to and learn from. I hope that it draws you closer to God. I hope that you can share it with those you think will need to hear it. During difficult times we should all draw near, not pull away! Jesus can give breath and life to your Breathless soul.

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