Chronicles of Cancun

While it is freezing outdoors, while the snow and ice continues to pile up, why not imagine ourselves in a warm place away from it all.

The following is an excerpt from stream of consciousness writing while on the the lovely balcony of our Cancun suite during my honeymoon. I hope you aren’t tired of the mushy love stories just yet. This will be the last one from the wedding I promise. 🙂


… Cancun is the most lovely place I have ever visited. The winds are most definitely strong during this season, but because of the warm weather it is bearable. In Chicago with strong winds you are bound to come in contact with some type of debris whether it is dirt, flyers on the loose, leaves or just people loosing their balance.That’s makes the windy city experience a bit annoying at times. Here in Cancun, even though the winds are strong enough to blow my notepad away, not a thing unwanted is finding its way to me. All I feel is my hair slapping face with the air, the sun warming my skin. I hear the sound of waves crashing upon the shore, and swirling in the ocean. I will miss that. The background music of Cancun is a constant crashing of waves. Who wouldn’t want to live with that as the soundtrack? All positive thoughts and vibes.

The water is 3 shades of blue. Lighter as the water comes closer to shore. But with the strong wind, the colors are all stirring into each other. I can sit out here for hours and hours. The plants are so green, the people are so kind, well the mexicans are. The tequila is so tempting! Why have anything else in Mexico but Tequila?

Stephan loves the beach, mojitos, and buffets! He loves the the soundtrack of Cancun as well. He is always sitting out on the balcony when I wake up and can’t find him next to me. He has had a dynamic December! And I am happy for him. I am happy for his new experiences and great accomplishments. I have more experience than he does traveling, but I know he will surpass me! I am excited for his experience that will trump mine! Arika can be a know-it-all, and not always intentionally. But I know Stephan will trump my sometimes know-it-all-ness.

From this experience I have learned that Grace is like strong winds that move the land and sea but somehow hold you into place. Everything around is moving, but not me. In any other circumstance it would be chaos, but grace is eliminating the discomfort and leaving peace while trees bend and tide rolls. Grace!

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