P*ssy Part 2: the Portal to Her Soul

Vulnerability is the result of promiscuity that started with just casual fornication. Beyond the power of what a lady has enclosed between her legs is a river of emotions and feelings… the portal to her soul. 

A woman feels. A woman loves. A woman yearns for affection leading to desperation. Desperation to try to find what soul is kindred to hers. She wants warmth, but looks for it in all the wrong places. 

We have been here before, and discussed what a woman can do to exploit herself, but what happens when she ignorantly opens up her soul to someone who will alter it? 

What is the result of a soft heart that feels like legs spread is the reward for true love even without marital commitment? 

No matter how true. No matter how sweet, it can all become something bitter within the days, months, and years. 

I have looked into the eyes and heard the desperation of a girl who knew the truth… that the gift she held was not treasured by the recipient … that no matter how she tries to justify his short comings, nothing changes the truth.  But because of her willingness to to give herself to receive a false love she will lie to herself. 

And as she lies, to herself… on her back, all her thoughts are only to convince herself that the love they share is as fulfilling as the pleasure she feels as the portal to her soul is penetrated. There’s a cold reality that they are as distant as their eyes that never meet, though they are close enough to feel each other’s breath. Draw the blinds to mask the shame, to feel as though the darkness makes you closer. 

Why continue to ruin what you could have with someone who deserves all of you? Why not prepare yourself for the best person there could be for you? True love is not measured by how long he stays while you are putting out. True love is not measured by the sweet talking and whispers in the dark. 

Opening up the portal to your soul allows a spiritual change in you. It will have your mind deceived and almost beyond the point of return to who you once were. It will make you think this person has created windows of opportunity for you, but they are really closing you in. You will feel authoritative, but you will cry a river at the thought of loneliness. 

The truth is that freedom is more fulfilling than pleasure. That the crying yourself to sleep and not sure of the reason isn’t the way you should live. The portal to your soul should be guarded, it should be protected. When doing so, when the time is right, your soul will increase with the proper precaution. With your mate – your husband. When two souls collide in perfect order, the stars are aligned, the balance is there. There is no wrong in that, there is no suffering in that. Choose the freedom. Choose life. 

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