Til Death Parts Us: Sunshine & Fireworks

20141213 AWD Piggee Wedding Event-080After a year of cluttered minds and emptying pockets we have made it here… To center stage under the stringed lights and in front of our loved ones, hand in hand (Well actually not hand in hand, but I am sure we were supposed to be), and dressed to perfection.

There were so many ups and downs to get us here, low lows that don’t even seem to scratch the surface of this perfect moment. I recite my vows to you and they escape my mouth easily and anxiously. I can’t help but to do a little dance from my excitement. You are your normal self and somehow take the opportunity to profess your love to get a cackle from the audience. Classic Stephan. I think you were a little nervous, you say you weren’t, but why would you admit it.

The walk down the aisle was heavenly, the introduction of our union was exciting, and the day was nothing short of perfection. I am not here to give a full report of my wedding, but to celebrate the purpose of it all. The best part of the night, which is hard to choose from, was once we got away from it all. We laid there at 2am and cried tears of joy, tears of thankfulness, tears of dreams becoming reality.

I was captured by the love of a man who I used to call brother. A young man that I would talk to about magazines, fashion, and TLC wedding shows married me. No matter how much I think of it, I am awestruck by the fact that someone loves me the way he loves me. I am amazed by the fact that all these beautiful things have happened to me. He enjoys my interests and compliments my gifts. He reads all of my writing and gives me a commentary on the subject at hand. He follows me on every singing gig and does what he can to make sure he doesn’t miss a beat no matter how big or small. He shows me that he is proud of me. Even before we were dating, he traveled near and far to support me. This companionship is like none I have ever experienced this world.

Stephan is warm, bright, and reliable like the sun. While I am so often like fireworks – exciting, colorful, but short lived. When getting to close to the Sun you become engulfed by it, completely melted away before even reaching the surface. In my mind that is the perfect description of his love. It melts me away before really experiencing the full capacity of it. That is how it should be, comparing to the love of our Savior.

With love like this, it is not a duty but an honor to be respectful and uplifting for his good. When I am struggling to get used to having to cook a meal and do laundry when I was used to resting after work, when I just want to have an attitude and complain about how fast it seems life is going- He gives love that wipes away all the things that seem difficult. He loves me to life. And makes this transition to a life together easier to get used to. He tells me that I am beautiful every chance he gets. “Why you so fine?” he always asks. Compliments that brighten my very being! I am so blessed. I am so thankful. And I am also so excited to be on this journey with Stephan. I am so excited to embark upon new things in life and for him to be my side.

The Sunshine and fireworks of our relationship make life interesting. We have the occasional sparks that keep us lively and excited, and we also have the warmth of sunshine that comes daily to lights up life around us. From preparing for a wedding, to our wedding day, to our life after it – we are forever loving and learning.


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