20-Weeks to 12/13/14!

Photo by Avery Webster Davis

My wedding is 154 days away and the pressure is more real than anything I have felt before. At times I am extremely overwhelmed and other times I am looking for something else to do extra early. Out of all the preparation though, I am most worried about the weight loss! I have become super inactive since starting my new job and I have gained more weight than the “Freshmen 15”. It’s freaking me out. But I am no longer playing games for the 20-week countdown!

I have 20 weeks to drop 30+ pounds and I will not give up! I won’t let myself get discouraged or side tracked. I do not want to hear the “Arika, you don’t need to lose that much!” I’m not listening to you! I’m going for the big 3-0, and 40 would be perfect. For my own comfort, my own goals, I want to look the best I possible can for this once in a lifetime event! I will spend the time for the workouts and stay off my butt!
I have a dress I paid over a thousand dollars for and it won’t go to waste, but flatter my lovely figure! Oh, and my bachelorette outfit from Akira that I already bought! Wedding Week will be an event for me, and I may not be Kim K but I sure will live it up like I am and plan every outfit and moment to step out! I told my fiance’ yesterday that my favorite part of wedding planning is the fact that it is ok for it to be about ME, lol and Him too! But it’s not everyday a girl gets to dress up and be the center of attention!
On the 20-week countdown, July 13th 2014, I am beginning my journey to look my best for myself, for the dress, for my husband and to carry on a lifestyle of health!
What do I have to lose?
I want to feel good about myself and to cut out all my horrible habits! Time for some discipline and doing what is best for me and not giving in to others around me! I will be in Cancun in bikinis and feeling like a million bucks!

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