Who is Jesus: Part 1


In John 1 we are told Jesus is the Word that became flesh to bring us grace and truth. Jesus came down to earth to show us the standard of living. The Word became flesh to model life did He not?

So many times in the New Testament we are urged to be like Jesus, to do what Jesus would do, to follow Him. We have a model of How to do that because the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among US!

From the first chapter of John we can see a few very important things about Jesus. One is his Humility. Jesus is the creator of the world and they did not recognize Him. He sacrificed His crown in order to live among us and serve. Phillipians 2:6-8 tells us though Jesus knew who He was, though He could easily go and tell people who He is and boast, He did not. He chose to live humbly and carry out his mission without constantly mentioning, I am God. He knew, but He did not mention it.

Jesus is the light. Jesus’ life brought life to everyone (John 1:4-5). Light can not be extinguished by darkness. When people came in contact with Jesus the light shone through the darkness they carried. They were drawn to the light. If you were in a dark cave with no way out, and you saw a light in the distance you didn’t have to hear a thing but walk towards that light until it took over the darkness. That light would be your deliverance from the darkness you were consumed with. The one with the light in a dark place is the leader, the deliverer. Jesus is the leader and deliverer, holding the torch as we leave the darkness we were once in.

Jesus knew He had this light and that this light would bring life to everyone, but He was still humble. He did not have to brag about the deliverance He had available to help others. They were DRAWN to him. They saw the light and were drawn to Him. Jesus’ actions were the light.

How many of us know we hold something precious that can benefit others and don’t boast about our gifts? “God has anointed me to captivate multitudes through my gift!” “I can do this, I can do that, MY gifts are great and I know it, You should step it up….” So many people have to put their mouth on what they are gifted at doing, they use their mouth to pull rank, to let people know how important they are or how they qualify for the job. And this is within the church. But our model of life, Jesus, did not boast on His crown or His capabilities. He did not boast on the light, people saw the light.

Our Savior came with life’s most precious gifts.

John 1:16 Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.

I read this is was really confused! The footnotes cleared it up… or received the Grace of Christ rather than the grace of the law (NLT), or Grace upon Grace. Jesus is a gift in himself bearing more gifts!! But you did not hear him say that pridefully. Instead He taught, he healed, he counseled, He delivered us from the bondage of the law.

Jesus- Light, Deliverer, Humble Leader.

Feel free to comment or add. I feel like tackling this subject is very challenging for me and is putting me in a different place with writing. I love Jesus, and I am writing to understand Him more and more. Tell me what you think or feel.

One thought on “Who is Jesus: Part 1

  1. I love it! It’s so convicting and encouraging reading about Jesus’ life and His humility.
    It’s thought provoking too, what you said about how we boast about what we do and how we are qualified for x, y and z positions. Funny how this society teaches us to perfect that, resumes, curriculum vitaes, application essays. Lol.
    But the real lions don’t need to roar all the time, only when necessary. Lion of Judah, He is.
    Thank for this post. Def stirring up some thought and reflections. 🙂

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