Introduction to “Who is Jesus?”

I have spent too much time playing around and peeking into my Bible every now and then. I have been in church, stayed in church, and never thought of leaving it behind me. But after I talked to God praying that this year I will KNOW Him, that I will make the necessary adjustments to repair or relationship I realized how far away I had gotten. I began my new Bible plan, read the memory verse from Church for the week, and jumped into the YouVerse plan called “The Essential Jesus”.

This is when I realized I had a problem. I am reading John 1…the Word was there with God at the beginning, the Word became flesh… I had a difficult time really grasping what I had read before, what I had discussed in small groups before, what I had believed and was amazed by before… Could this really happen? Could I know in my heart it is all Truth, but not know in my mind. YES. It has happened to me. So when I realized this had become my mindset, I prayed. “Lord, help me to do what is necessary to believe ALL of your Word, to know you , to grow close to you, to not doubt but believe!”

Because it has taken me so long to diligently seek, now it has to be a deeper journey. I will say it is a dangerous one. To be so relaxed that you really don’t know Jesus for yourself is a scary thing for someone who once tasted and know that the Lord is good! If you have gotten to a place where you are far away from Jesus, it’s not too late.

John 1:17…but God’s unfailing Love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ (NLT).

The NIV replaces unfailing love and faithfulness with Grace and Truth. Take the time and effort to seek the Truth with me, to seek Jesus. I am excited to know Him more. To love Him for real. To find fulfillment in seeking His face! 

I will be going through The Essential Jesus plan on the Bible app and writing down my thoughts, my questions, revelations, and so on. Writing helps me to get into the deep understanding of a subject. I invite you to do the plan as well and make a commitment to seek Jesus, to find out who He really is and how that relates to us. My comments are open for anything you want to add to help us understand Jesus! I am not a Pastor, a theologian, or a seeking the title. I am a woman, a writer, wanting to know my God more and writing to express that. My words and inspiration is based solely on the Word of God and what revelation I receive from the Holy Spirit. 


One thought on “Introduction to “Who is Jesus?”

  1. I love the fact that you listened to the holy spirit with every word. I believe but do I really believe that its the truth… that was powerful. Thank you for not being afraid to open up. It really helped. A lot. Thank you!

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