Stay Gone

In the back of my mind I wanna stay gone. Start what we are planning on and forget the obligations back home. I want to be swept away in a dream that is reality. To hell with skepticism and what makes sense. Who cares about that? Who really cares.
Everyone wants to be free. I want to be free. I want the mental slavery to disappear. The small thinking to lose it’s hold, and the safe way to kiss me where the sun don’t shine.
Don’t tell me what’s right. Don’t tell me what’s wrong. Tell me to go for it. Tell me to love the life I’m living.
Tell me you got me covered.
In the back of my mind I wish I had it all so I can pack up and go… That the thing keeping me from what I really want isn’t money but just Me.
Sometimes hope slips through my fingers, so does my common sense and peace of mind.
I find it though. I lose my way but I find it again. I entertain the thought of leaving but, here I am again. I’m just pouring out my heart. And not for feedback, not for advice, not for counsel, but for me. For the clarification of my own stream of consciousness.
In my inner being I have a feeling of say what I feel, write beyond the boundaries. To be controversial, to make my struggle plain to the people. I won’t push it aside and as much as I wanna stay gone, I’ma pack it all up and just go home. But I pray it’s not for too much longer.

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