An Ear to Hear

Feeling led to say:

Now is a time of shifting.
God is giving us a change to be delivered, a hands to be free from the things that are not like Him that are lingering within us… The things we have slowly allowed to be the norm though it is against God’s will.
Take the freedom, take the get out of hell free card that He is graciously handing to His people who are currently in bondage.
He is giving us the chance to be free, but there is a negative side to the ones who reject or ignore the deliverance.
We have an enemy, and when you reject the deliverance you are feeding the devil the power. Times will be difficult. The enemy will attack with Emotional issues, depression, and thoughts of suicide will creep upon the minds of the ones who reject the deliverance, ones that go back to those lives there were once free from. The enemy will try to attack the people with loss of confidence, faith in God, and hope for better life.
Do not allow satan to snatch your life.
Trust me, I know that the things you are holding on to may be enticing, may seem to be in charge , BUT they are not worth your life or salvation.
Take God’s gracious offer to free you from the things that have you in bondage.
Do not lose your life. Put God first! Leave the things of the world behind, and Believe in God.

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