Living in a world driven by p*ssy.
There is power there. There is deception there….emotion, vulnerability, and even failure.
A woman’s body is a maze of beauty. When respected or disrespected it holds this beauty from creation.
It is a gift to a deserving man who has made the ultimate commitment, a crutch to a man who lacks it, and a curse to a man or woman who can’t shake it.
“Pussy has power.”
Is the word “p*ssy” profane? Or is it something the generation has evolved to be accepted? Is it offensive or do women of my age find confidence there?
This is based on opinion, but in my opinion it is a norm to hear.
When the woman holds the power, controls the power, instead of displaying it on Instagram it is a treasure. Her spouse is mesmerized by it out of love, but not out animal like hunger.
But what about a man (boy) who is driven by the chase of it? What about the hunger that causes a man not to commit but to wander?
Can a woman who loves a man (not her spouse) love him enough to share those feelings through the penetration erupting between her legs?
Can it be so fulfilling that she drives a man to stay with her for the long run? Can the almighty “p*ssy” influence love and commitment? Will it make a man fall in love?
I’m sure the illusion is that it can but not for long, you can’t create love through “making it”.
There is more power between those legs than you think exists. There is more to “dat p*ssy” than what the stars and movies tell you. Or even a little less. It can ruin your body or adorn your beauty. Opening them freely can tarnish the treasure you have been given.
Imagine the power of giving admittance to a man who already loves you unconditionally, a man who treats you like millions not loose change… A man who marries you and nurtures you…
Instead of trying to use good sex to buy you temporary “love”.
That great sex makes his thinking wander, his flesh rise, his outter body cringe, while his emotions remain flat lined.
When those legs are full with the body of another man who you are trying your hardest to please and feel closeness or love from- you have succeeded to do that…until he cums…
And if that’s the only time you feel “Loved”, your pussy will soon wear out.

*feel free to shares your thoughts or objections in the comments. I asked a lot of questions, maybe you have some answers*

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