Free Will

God has given us free will. He loves us so much that He allows us a choice. Even after we choose Him we have a choice.
Sometimes I wish after choosing Him, I didn’t have any more choices. Call it wishful thinking, or even insane, but what if instead of making mistakes and bad decisions God could make go the right way?
If my heart is to do what is right, but I don’t always choose that way, I feel like I need some help… What better than Divine Intervention?
I want to be responsible. I want to run away from temptation every time.
In one of my favorite shows, Vampire Diaries, once a human becomes a vampire they have the choice to turn off their emotions(called turning off your humanity switch). Their emotions is what makes them human, once they turn it off they lose what has made them human.
I think that would be the result of not having free will. If God would allow us the choice to turn off our free will switch we would also lose what makes us human.
We would be creatures that were really robots. Even though I sometimes convince myself God making me do the right thing will satisfy me because I would be perfect, I wouldn’t appreciate Him. I wouldn’t have the love I have for a God who allows me to choose what to do and STILL chooses to love me.
Think about Jesus, what if because He made the choice to follow God everything afterwards was not free will. Would we still have devotion to a Savior that was only manually set to die for us?
We wouldn’t.
So instead of wishing for no free will, I will strive to be acceptable to Christ!

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