Future Tense.

Sitting round chillin for too long
You know what I’m talking bout?
When the worlds coming at you, but you don’t know how to figure it out.
What am I here for? What am I doing?
I had all these dreams now they just seem ruined
By Me.
I don’t think that’s who the enemy is,
Is it me?
Can someone tell me what truth is?
Cuz it seems like everyone around got their version and are convinced that it’s true.
It seems like everyone Wants and Will but that’s to far away from DO.
And why? Please tell me the reason that you do the things that you do while sitting around saying next year this time I’m Thru.
Let’s Be real. Emphasis on BE.
So many future focused minds but we messed up presently.
I know how it is. We all want what’s to come forget what’s now, but it’s always ComING (future tense) forget what’s here (the present).
Don’t fill your mind with fairy tales and too many sweets make you sick.
Don’t be complacent sitting round with your head in the clouds and your heart in your throat, with your dignity in your back pocket and your true feelings in the dirt.

BE real with yourself. BE real with God. Drop the games, the lies, and the porcelain personalities. Move on with your life or die in complacency.

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