Happiest Girl Anniversary

One year ago today things changed for me.
I had dreams to do more with my craft, with my dreams.
Someone came along with a vision from God to do amazing things, ad it was in God’s will that I be apart of it.

Last year on August 14th 2012 was the release of Happiest Girl, a song written by Cornell Burton Jr. To be performed by me. Upon meeting this man I didn’t expect all that was going to happen. I had just finished in a competition where I made it to the top 20, and then to Top 8 but did not make it to the Final 4. I was discouraged because I wanted to win so badly, I thought without a doubt I could win. I didn’t.
Casually on Facebook, Cornell asked me if I’d been approached by any producers, I thought to myself is this a joke, but he was serious. Before I knew it we were in partnership and the result was my first single.

It is so precious to me to have the opportunity. I have learned so much since last year, I have grown tremendously. I have also learned that I wasn’t really ready for everything I wanted to happen within that first year. I thought I was ready for tours, for albums, for the pedestals, for the recognition. I was bombarded with voices and opinions from the outside. I was looking at things as a rookie, and wasn’t soaking in the surroundings, I wasn’t learning like I should have been.
People will have their words to say about quantity, about two singles within a year.
I don’t care about that.
I care about that fact that I was blessed with the opportunity to record two songs so far that are professional and well written, that the quality is outstanding that I am officially an artist.
I care about that fact that I can express myself. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I can partner with someone to fulfill a goal. I have connected with people who have hearts for God and want to do the very thing I want to do.
I have realized everyone doesn’t need to know what’s behind the scenes, people will talk but who cares!
I learned that I need to be Taught! It’s all a process and there’s levels to this.
People see me as an artist.
People have seen my progress.
People who I don’t know watch me.
I know that it’s not just about me anymore, I have a gift and it is dynamic.

This past year I have made mistakes by the boat load, but what is important is that I have LEARNED and GROWN.
I can say that though I still have room to grow, though I still need a teacher for that guitar, I am excited and preparing to do amazing things for my God!
My heart is for Him more than it was last year. My desire to point people to Him is greater than last year, and my life as the Happiest Girl is happier than last year.


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