I’m in love with a Stripper

But not the kind you think I mean.
Not clothing, but he strips away my pride, my fear of dreaming
A pole is not his anchor, but love, genuine love.
And that love seems like magic, because it draws me and makes me fall under it’s spell.
I was once out of love, but now I can’t tell there was a time it did not exist.
He stripped away my hatred, my obsession with things that hated me.
He stripped away my apprehension, my lack of faith.
He’s not entertainment but education for what pure love can be. He doesn’t do it for what I can give, but just for me without any indication of my love in return.
Strip away my impurities and in attractive ways.
Strip away my thoughts of how I once behaved.
Now I have you, and you have me.
Now the world can see why I say, I’m in love with a stripper.

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