Our bodies want. They crave things, being food, water, or a high of some sort.
Just because our bodies want it, like my constant craving for sweets, doesn’t mean we should give it to it.
We have a outter body and an inner spirit. The outter body and its desires keeps us far away from God. The spirit craves God.
I love God. I want more of Him, I know I am not close enough. In my routine prayer I have been saying, “God I’m sorry for my wrongs, I’m sorry for my distant heart, give me more of you.” Over and over I have prayed this and I noticed the sorry pattern. I don’t want that to be my prayer. It’s not bringing me closer as I allow my body to do what it wants.
I heard Him say to me simply, “Deny Your Flesh, Deny your Flesh.”
It’s that simple.
When I sow seeds to please my flesh, I only reap destruction. The Bible says that.
I see this destruction as like a suicide attempt. I am sowing the seeds that will lead to destruction. Imagine filling your stomach with poison bit by bit until the day when you consume too much and everything inside of you, all of the poison and filth, runs out of your mouth as your insides implode from constant pouring of the filth you have been filling it with.
Not explosion, but implosion. A violent eruption from the inside to the outside. The spirit no longer breaths and the flesh has caused you to destruct.

I do not want that.
I want to live a life driven by God. I want to be guided by Him. I want to Please Him. I want to show others a better life with Him. So as a deny my flesh, as I discontinue the constant pouring of vile substances into my own body, my prayer is to be closer to God, only this time it will work.
The enemy wants to me to reap destruction, to voluntarily implode…. While I sow to please the spirit as I eagerly wait for the day set apart for him to involuntarily explode in the Lake of Fire.

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