To the Broken-Hearted.

What do you do when the quality that makes up your character is constantly taken advantage of?

How do react when you give someone the benefit of the doubt but you were wrong and all you feel is pain?

So many of us are hurt by others. People we think are our friends, people we love or we thought loved us. And with this it seems to be a pattern. You are genuinely selfless, and the person you chose to love never gives you the time you give to them. Or you are caring and protective, but the past relationships all battered the caring heart you have for others.

I have seen and heard people with hearts full of love attempt to turn off the most beautiful quality they have because of heartbreak. Because of the constant pattern of abuse they came to a point where they didn’t like their own character.

I know how that feels.

I see myself as being loyal, always trying to be there for the person I care about. Even if I am upset or disappointed or even inconvenienced, I try to do whatever I can to help. This is a blessing but also a curse because a good quality can be used incorrectly. I have often been loyal to the wrong person, giving someone a piece of me that was not deserving, while someone who was deserving suffered on my behalf. I have suffered because of this characteristic so many times, even multiple times with the same person. Why I continue to try? I can’t tell you, but the pain when I get to a point of giving up is so heartbreaking. I have been constantly hurt by the selfish person who never appreciated my loyalty and devotion.

Thinking about these patterns, I have come to a conclusion that the best of us shouldn’t be compromised because of people who take advantage of us. The best of us should be reserved for the people who bring out the best of us. When you meet the person deserving of your love, your loyalty, your selflessness, it will shine like it never has before. When the person you meet that makes you react in ways you have never experienced comes into your life, they will appreciate every part of you.

A friend of mine said he cares too much, he loves too hard. “Too” is not in the vocabulary when the person is right, when the time is right, when the love is real.

Don’t give up on the gems of your character because of the fatalities in relationships. Someone will deserve who you are, someone will appreciate your heart for them, and they will give you the same in return. Love hard, share your heart, and be that person you are inside.

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