Just a Conversation


Some things seem so simple and obvious when it comes to Christianity. God said Ask and the door will be opened, Seek and we will find (Matt 7:7)… He told us to pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17), to not worry but simply present our requests to him (Phil.4:6)…
It seems to me that all we need to do in order to communicate with God, in order to avoid stress and get what we need is pray. He told us to pray, to speak to Him!
But oddly, the simple thing He tells us to do seems to be avoided and replaced with lifeless chatter and burdensome worry. We sit around with our mouths closed and our minds open to the poisonous thoughts that Satan is feeding us.
We are God’s children and our words have power! He needs us to initiate His will on earth with what we say.
That being said, I have made it my goal this week and on into the future to speak out! God has given us the gracious ability to speak to him whenever we please. The way I have always communicated with God is through casual praying and writing. When I think of something I am thankful for or possibly worrying about I just start talking to God in order to get what is on my mind out and to speak positive things to the situation. I am currently praying about the plan for a move God is preparing me for, I do not want to try to make it work with my own ability but with His guidance so instead of freaking out, I open my mouth and say Holy Spriit reveal to me the moves you want me to make and the plan I need to construct in order to make this move you are leading me to. It gives me peace and focus. I will trust in Him until I am sure of what He wants me to do, no worries.
Just have a conversation with God, tell him what you are feeling or fearing. What you want to see and do. Call out the promises you know He has given you.
Over a year ago I had a dream I was on some type of trip or “journey”. Throughout this journey I would everything I needed was laying out for me as the time came for it. For example, it began to rain and as I turned my head there were two umbrellas lying there for me to choose from. I was hungry and restaurants appeared for me to choose from. All the needs were met and Exceeded because I was able to choose from the provision ahead of me. God revealed to me that there will be a journey and that all I would need has already been provided for me. I know I have not yet gotten to the place of that journey, but it is approaching. I am so much closer to it than I was when I had that dream. I shared that to say, when I am praying to God I bring up that dream. “God you said you will provide and exceed the needs of my journey, so I know I have nothing to worry about. Thank you for provision!”

Let’s have conversations with God. Let’s talk to him but also Listen. Listen to what He tells us to do. Get into that Word He has left here for us to use to better our lives AND others. I don’t know about you all but I am excited and preparing for more, preparing for the manifestation of the promises He has revealed to me time and time again!!!

2 thoughts on “Just a Conversation

  1. Amen!!! Thank you, for your testimony!!!! May God continue to Bless you and you continue to hear the Holy Spirit and let him use you to be a blessing to others!!! Again Thank you. I was truly blessed by this posting

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