Finding Beauty in it All


Growing up into adulthood is tough. Especially when the road you choose to take isn’t the norm. My goal and determination is to let God lead me through life. He created me for a purpose and that purpose is what I plan to pursue in life.

A little more or less than 3 years ago, I left the college I planned on attending since elementary school after my freshmen year. I heard God calling me elsewhere, so I went home. It was a leap of faith that was difficult to take. Today I do not regret that choice, but I feel it. When I say I feel it, I mean I feel the stress, the sadness, the somewhat disappointment as my friends prepare to graduate from this journey I choose to step away from. I feel the discontentment because my dream isn’t measured in a 4 year time span ending with the distribution of a certificate that says you have completed the task at hand. I FEEL. And through these feelings, I Hear, and I See.

I Hear the voice of God coming through different mouths and tones. I hear Him comforting me and reassuring me of what is in store through so many different people. From a woman I admire and sing next to weekly, from a leader who has seen me grow, from a peer that knows me but my memory can’t recall her, and from a young woman full of gifts that I met that freshmen year in college. I have been at a low, even in the midst of friends and family full of cheer my heart was discontent. I felt pain because of what I had lost or gained. BUT I see I was deceived. I See that I was dragging my feet in the mud when all I had to do veer a few steps to the right on to a solid path where the sun was shining and the sidewalk way guided me to contentment and hope. I See and Hear God during this journey.

More than once in the last 5 days have I heard how I impact more people than I know, that I am an inspiration, that I have surprised someone with my current skill or goals. And more than once have I been in AWE of the fact that at my darkest moments and my times of doubt GOD has chosen to help me see the beauty in all that I have been through. He has helped me see a purpose in my heartbreak and in my decision to leave what I thought was something I had to complete in order to FEEL complete. He has shown me the beauty of my life, the worth of my life, and the potential of MY life. This life that I was questioning of its importance. This life that I thought I had wasted and ruined even at such a young age. This life that I thought I was filling with temporal dreams. This journey for me has not been easy, it won’t be, but with a God who knows when to pick me up… With a God who allows me to move here and there when He says stay put so I can see what I did wrong… with a God who has given me a passion that burns within me, I Will Not be Stopped. I see the beauty in this journey, and I will continue until it’s completion.

The same goes for you! No matter what it looks like or feels like, know that what God told you will be carried out. The current happenings can be deceiving, but God’s word will happen for all of us at the right time. Take what has happened in your life, good or bad, and use it to prepare yourself for what is to come.

6 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in it All

  1. Thank you Arika for encouraging me on my Beauty Minute blog today. What a blessing to read your post–on the same subject on the same day! God joins our hearts in embracing the beauty along this path less traveled, Clearly He has used it in your life to create music and beauty wherever you go, and we are blessed by your faithfulness and joy in the journey! I’m headed off to write my story and other daring adventures in the process of becoming all He has created, and keeps creating, me to be! Praying some day our paths cross and we celebrate together the fullness of the blessings of this road less traveled journey!

  2. I am so moved by your words and encouraged to look for the beauty in my own journey. I really hope that you will continue to allow God to use you, Arika. I think you are so brave. LUV!

  3. I really love this page! It is so…YOU! This is such a beautiful and peaceful layout. These words are very encouraging too 🙂 I always love reading your writing. I hope we can catch up soon in person. Phillipians 1:6 comes to mind when I read this. It is not the easy, pain free journeys that help us and those around us become strong. But we bring greatest glory to God when the road gets tough and nothing makes sense to us but Him and his love. When we fall forward into that he not only catches us but lifts us up in a way that honors Him. I love you girl and I am excited for you to continue this journey.

    Forever in your corner,

    1. Love you too Jaz, and your approval and encouragement means so much to me, u don’t even know!! God is bringing me to a new place, one that will lead me somewhere out of this box I am in! I am truly excited!!! Love you girl and we Will get together soon!!

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